Boys Location Goggle Recco iPod Hooded Rain Coat Jacket

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Boys Location Goggle Recco iPod Hooded Rain Coat Jacket


Location Hero 3 Jackets feature Loc-Tech designed double-hood system, Azaleum Outdoor Protect 2 Layer Fabric, and are integrated with The RECCO Avalanche Rescue System.

Additionally, the Hero 3 ICU model allows the wearer to enjoy all the benefits of listening to an iPod wherever the user maybe, or whatever the conditions are. The iPod is stored safely in the jacket, and the wearer is able to control the music via soft touch remote controls integrated into the jackets sleeve.

(Compatible with all iPods except 1st generation, 2nd generation, and shuffle).

Taped Seams - Strategically placed seam taping providing extra protection against the elements.

Windproof - Use of densely woven fabrics.

Waterproof - Specially selected fabrics for outdoor pursuits.

Breathable - Special coating on fabric allowing perspiration vapour to escape.

Location - Designed for outdoor performance with style.